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TimeClock to release a new Admin Portal: Get early access!

We're releasing a new Admin Portal this spring and in preparation, we're giving early access to a handful of our users! Want the first look? Tap this link to schedule time with an Account Manager who will give you a personal demo, and set you up with your custom keys to TimeClock 2.0.


We redesigned the Admin Portal with three core goals in mind:

Reliability. We rebuilt the backend of the app to make the whole system more stable. Think of the backend as you would a building's framework; the app is now more robust, better supporting every action you take as a user and making the entire system stronger, faster, and more reliable. There will be fewer bugs and glitches.

Usability. We reviewed every page of the Admin Portal, redesigning the experience to make TimeClock more user friendly. Our goal was to maintain the same general steps and processes you've grown accustomed to, while improving the overall experience. All of the app's core functions, like clocking in/out, adding devices and employees, and generating reports, are now more intuitive and streamlined.

Functionality. We built TimeClock to be the most customizable timekeeping solution on the market. With features like custom crews and jobs, or reminders when employees forget to clock out, we want TimeClock to support every unique and exciting part of your business. We added several new features that we can't wait to release! But first...

We need your help testing these new features!

Geolocated time entries: View the location of each time entry, or select a collapsed view to see a list of all the time entries from a single employee on a map.

Edit from anywhere: You can now edit times directly in the Employee section of the Admin Portal.

Custom reports: Select the specific type of data you want to display, and easily view a customized report.

Our next step in working towards the release is to give access to a small group of customers interested in testing out the new features and functionality, and providing us with thoughts and feedback that will continue shaping TimeClock into the best tool to support your businesses.

Being a beta tester means...

- Early access to unreleased features.

- Direct communication with our leadership team.

- A voice at our team's table to help determine short and long-term direction of the product.

- A forum to discuss your ideas, feature requests, and wants and needs in a timekeeping solution.

- We'll ask for no more than one hour of your time each month.

Tap here to schedule time with an Account Manager who will give you a personal demo, then give you access to start interacting with TimeClock's new Admin Portal!


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